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He may practice 12 HOURS A DAY, but he's NOT shy of the burger van!

His eyes are BULGING like the belly of a hungry chaffinch

The NOMADS Darts Team*
We play in the league on a Thursday Nights (selection not guaranteed)
The bar will be open for you. Contact Dave for further info

* We don't go home

Magic Darts




Welcome to the land where precision meets camaraderie, and where every throw is a symbol of our shared spirit. We proudly? present to you the The Nomads Darts Team, a gathering of individuals who have come together to pursue the timeless art of darts right here in our charming village.

We invite you to step into our world, where the echo of a well-aimed dart hitting its mark is as harmonious as the laughter and cheers of our team mates. Join us as we embark on a journey of skill, sportsmanship, and, most importantly, ranting. The Nomads Darts Team, where bullseyes and bonds are equally cherished.

We may be small in size, but we're big in enthusiasm and accuracy, or at least we like to think so. Our darts might not always hit the bullseye, but.... So, grab your pints, and watch as we attempt to throw pointy objects with grace and, well, sometimes not-so-much grace.

Our precision is so sharp that we make butter knives look like samurai swords. And when I say 'bullseye,' I mean 'hit anywhere but the board.' Get ready to witness the stuff legends are made of. The Nomads Darts Team, the epitome of precision and athleticism. I mean, who needs the Olympics when you've got these dart-throwing virtuosos right in your backyard?


Sid Waddell

These guys look calm but inside they are as nervous as a vampire who knows there's a sale at the wooden stake shop in the morning.

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Great location, multiple rooms

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